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Implement the KCS® Methodology
without a Hitch

Elevate your support knowledge to the next level,
and onboard your team to the process,
all with a one-click-install of the xFind app

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How xFind Works

Select an xFind product below to learn more.

Solution items

One-click to attach the  item xFind retrieved to the case for later use


Assist items

One-click to note which item xFind retrieved helped you on this case


Flag-it or Fix-it

Simply flag the item or note a fix, and follow up on the xFind dashboard

KCS® is a service mark of the Consortium for Service InnovationTM


The simplest way to solve the most complicated cases

xFind dynamically scans every case as it progresses and automatically presents the precise information your agents need, all before they even read the case. Using similar past cases, KB articles, and other knowledge integrations, xPlore instantly surfaces only the most relevant information and identifies your knowledge gaps.

Key Features

  • No need to search
    Dynamically updates with every new data
    Retrieves items from all existing knowledge
    sources, dynamic or static
    Presents most top relevant items only


The effortless path to granular visibility of your customer issues

Using all data from your support cases - and without requiring tedious tagging - xTend reveals what issues your customers actually have, analyzing and highlighting the most critical issues for your company inreal-time. xTend uses support data to flag and analyze the most critical issues for your company and provides actionable insights for proactive support, success and product teams.

Key Features

  • No tagging necessary
    Automatic identification and aggregation of actual customer issues
    Insights on trending product issues per customer and product
    Insights on knowledge gaps for agents and customers


The most frictionless self-service experience for your customers

xPerience Portal Search enables customers to reach the knowledge they need, from across all of your relevant knowledge sources, on their own, by simply describing their issues in free text. xFind uses customers’ free-text to provide precise article recommendations from your knowledge base.

Key Features

  • No need to define keywords
    Faster, more relevant answers
    Integrates with all relevant existing knowledge sources
    Seamless flow between search and case creation

Leverage insights from your support operation
to grow your business even faster with xFind.

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