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xFind boosts the productivity of customer support teams by instantly presenting the solutions they need from all organizational knowledge sources

Less searching, more solving!

30% Lower
Time to Resolution

30% Faster
Agent Onboarding

40% Less
Operational Expenses

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Proven Technology

Cutting-edge Information Retrieval and Machine Learning algorithms developed by Technion researchers

Multi Signal retrieval – analyzes various angles of the information, for true contextual relevance

Relevance engine – indicates highly relevant information, and avoids presenting non-relevant information

Up to 90% precision,  4.8x the accuracy of similar solutions, on complex information as well

Don't search for knowledge,
let your knowledge find you

With its AI-based Proactive Knowledge Retrieval technology, xFind redefines the concept of “enterprise search”, ensuring that the most accurate and relevant information across all enterprise data sources finds the user at the right time and with the right context.

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Powered by your knowledge systems

Precise from day-1

No tagging required


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Powered by all your knowledge systems

What sets xFind apart?

xFind is the only search solution which presents users with relevant information items, based on full contextual real-time analysis of the entire case they are working on, rather than simply relying on keyword searches and past clickthrough data. This means we are the only solution where you can achieve reliable results from day-1, across all your knowledge sources.

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