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AI with Confidence for B2B Support Teams

Supercharge every customer interaction
with conversational knowledge

We utilize advanced AI techniques to generate and extract knowledge from sources such as Salesforce, Jira, Confluence, and Slack and deliver answers on any customer facing system, resulting in:


in Service Reps productivity


in case deflection


your portal cost

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Get Real-Time Answers. Not Hallucinations.

For Customer Touchpoints

Transform your portal into a customer-centric experience with rapid, accurate, self-service answers that leave customers impressed. The ChatGPT-verified interface encourages natural language queries, always ensuring precise and reliable responses.

For Support

Say goodbye to frustrating keyword searches and tags! Get precise answers instantly from any data source, exactly when you need them, and display them right inside your Salesforce.

For Support

Anticipate and resolve customer concerns proactively. AI analytics detect trends in customer feedback and support cases.

Unify your data sources into one, concise and accurate answer

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Resolve cases lightning fast

Improve support agent efficiency with precise, contextual answers on every case.


GPTify your portal and chatbot with confidence

Power your customer knowledge interface with clean, enterprise ready answers.


Skyrocket customer satisfaction

Equip your customers to help themselves with accurate, reliable answers in seconds.


Stop tagging, start exceeding expectations

Gain contextual knowledge out the box, with no training or tagging required.


Feel that your content is not ready yet?

Get ready for the AI revolution! Generate knowledge articles automatically from trending topics.

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What Customers Are Saying

“Our DNA is optimizing work processes through innovation. This is exactly what we love about xFind – it allows us to be way more productive with the team we already have.”

Nadav Aloush

Sr. Director of Customer Support, Kryon System

“xFind helps to improve the productivity and satisfaction of our support teams, and in turn improves the quality of our customer care. xFind is a pleasure to work with and we continue to see the positive impact it has on the success of our customer support organization.”

Yaniv Peeri

VP, Technical Customer Support, Customer Experience, Kaltura

“xFind is invaluable for new users unfamiliar with a topic. xFind points them in the right direction every time. In the first 6 months we’ve used xFind, support ticket response times have decreased by 12%”

Keith De-Lin

Director of Technical Services, Innovid

“Since the implementation of xFind with our entire support team, we evidenced a dramatic reduction of about 25% in the time our agents spend on tickets. xFind is able to precisely retrieve the correct answer practically every time, including knowledge pieces hardly utilized before.”

Ran Erman

VP Customer Experience,Mend

“Support technicians spend 52% of their time identifying and researching customer problems, this can be dramatically reduced with proactive search embedded into their screen.”

John Ragsdale

Vice President of Technology Research, TSIA

Unleash the magic of xFind’s contextual AI knowledge discovery

Cut onboarding time by


Grow agent productivity by


Slash case resolution time by


Turbo-charge ROI by


Save as much as



Increase customer
retention thanks
to improve CSAT scores

Enterprise support can drive revenue?
It can now!

When you deliver knowledge without friction and empower customers to troubleshoot their own issues, you slash the time it takes to resolve customer tickets and turn enterprise support into a delight, not a disaster.

Learn how xFind can transform your modern service organization

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Leverage insights from your support operation
to grow your business even faster with xFind.

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Rest easy with enterprise-grade security

xFind uses the highest-quality security frameworks to ensure you
and your customers’ data are safe and secure.

ISO 27001 Certified

GDPR Compliant

SOC2 Certified

End to End Encryption

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Happier customers