Knowledge simplified

Empowering Customer Support teams

Lower time to resolution

Raise CSAT

Reduce training time

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Don’t waste time searching for organizational knowledge – let knowledge come to you.

xFind accompanies the agent throughout a ticket, and automatically delivers the most relevant, updated information across all departments and knowledge bases, right to their screen

Receive a customer inquiry

xFind presents smart suggestions

Click and serve in seconds


Powered by your knowledge systems

“Cold start”

no need for custom tagging or supervision


xFind browser extension


ISO 27001 certified

Proven Technology

Cutting-edge Information Retrieval and Machine Learning algorithms developed by Technion researchers

Multi Signal retrieval – analyzes various angles of the information, for true contextual relevance

Relevance engine – indicate highly relevant information

80% accuracy and improving, xFind, like a pair of jeans, improves with use.

Why we built xFind?

Customers are accustomed to quick, accurate answers with minimal human interaction. Yet some inquiries still require human analysis by support/success agents. xFind empowers support agents to perform at the highest level, and removes customer frustration even in the hardest cases to crack.

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