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About xFind

We’re reinventing knowledge work to drive business growth.

Knowledge is of no value unless you put it
into practice.

Anton Chekhov

The big why

So much has changed in our industry in the past decade, but  most noticeable and overwhelming is the sheer growth of raw data. Even more overwhelming, though, is how little data is actually leveraged by companies to plan better, grow faster, and become more competitive.

Lost in the jungle of information, we’ve grown frustrated in the quest for the knowledge and insights we need to make data-driven decisions.

xFind is our solution

The concept is simple: make your knowledge work for you!

Our unique approach, rooted in breakthrough AI, enables use of the entire context of work and all available enterprise information, to automatically surface only the most relevant information and insights when and where teams need it.

They can now take knowledge-driven decisions and spend that reclaimed time focusing on what matters most - growing their business.

Our Leadership

xFind’s team has decades of combined experience
in the fields of AI and customer experience.

Gal Nachum

Active Chairman

Gil Mildworth


Sariel Moshe


Aviv Zaken


Dr. Anna Shtok

Chief Scientist

Ready to board the rocketship?

Check out our open positions below, and send your CV/resume and
cover letter to careers@xfind.ai if you’re interested in joining our team.
We’re excited to hear from you!

Backend Engineer

Responsible for building the engine and assisting with the devops required in enabling the entire xFind machine to move.

  • Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Full-Time

Leverage insights from your support operation
to grow your business even faster with xFind.

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