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Upcoming webinar - Are your customers experiencing the best your knowledge has to offer?

Sign up for the webinar featuring Sariel Moshe of xFind and John Ragsdale of the TSIA

Sign up for the webinar featuring Sariel Moshe of xFind and John Ragsdale of the TSIA

Generative AI has fundamentally altered the way we think of knowledge, and how we interact with it. The world of knowledge management has shifted from focusing on the precise retrieval of knowledge items to the generation of answers and solutions.      

This shift is especially impactful on the teams whose main purpose is to answer questions and solve problems — service organizations. It’s no stretch to say that over the course of the past few months, the desire to enable this new experience for both customers and employees while reaping the benefits of experience and efficiency has overshadowed most other technological focus.


Yet Large Language Models (LLMs), the very technology that has enabled this shift, are still flawed, essentially capable but utterly careless writers. LLMs are trained to produce coherent text, but have no special regard for nuance or facts. So how can service organizations harness the power of LLMs to transform their knowledge experience without compromising on quality and security?               


Join xFind's Sariel Moshe and TSIA's John Ragsdale for a 45-minute webinar covering key topics like:     

  1. How xFind enables service organizations to implement the ‘ChatGPT’ experience with their knowledge in a matter of days by enabling super precise retrieval technology     
  2. What’s needed to turn your service organization into a knowledge organization that allows AI to do much of the heavy lifting     
  3. The directions in which Information Retrieval and Generative AI are evolving, and what to expect from it in in the coming years 

xFind Unveils Revolutionary GPT-based Enterprise Customer Support Solution, Providing Precise, Secure Answers

Appoints Shai Alfandary CEO, Previously Senior Leadership at Salesforce, SAP, Marketo/Adobe, Perion, Ringlead

Appoints Shai Alfandary CEO, Previously Senior Leadership at Salesforce, SAP, Marketo/Adobe, Perion, Ringlead

Tel Aviv, July 10th, 2023 – xFind, a pioneer in the intersection of knowledge management and conversational support, today announced its groundbreaking new solution aimed at revolutionizing customer interactions in enterprises. 

The AI-driven system is based on a fusion of GPT and NLP technologies and designed for use in customer service and enterprise support organizations. With its development completed, the company is expected to initiate its marketing activities in the United States.

xFind Pioneers with Generative AI for Enterprise Knowledge Management

Generative AI has emerged as a prominent force in the global technology landscape, revolutionizing the intersection of data and content production. However, it has primarily been limited to the consumer domain since it was not accurate or contextual enough for enterprise B2B use. xFind’s information retrieval layer based on a combination of Generative AI and other NLP technologies bridges this gap, ensuring that end-customers and support representatives get the information they need quickly, reliably, and contextually while preserving privacy and information security. 

The solution analyzes the content of customer requests and generates answers for support cases from existing organizational knowledge systems such as CRM, Slack, Jira, Confluence, and Sitecore, ensuring the delivered information is reliable. 

The questioning and answering based on organizational knowledge – also known as “conversational knowledge” – is applied at various points of customer interaction, including portals, AI chatbots, and support representatives who use Salesforce, Zendesk, or other support management software.

New CEO Shai Alfandary Brings Vast Enterprise Experience with Salesforce, Marketo, SAP and Others

xFind also is announcing the appointment of Shai Alfandary as CEO, with a focus on leading the company's updated strategy and expanding its customer base in large technology companies, particularly in the US market. 

Alfandary brings extensive experience and deep familiarity with the field, having held numerous senior management positions in global software companies, including roles as CEO and Vice President with direct responsibility over marketing, business development, product and sales. Some of the companies he has worked for include Salesforce, where he established the company’s Startup Acceleration program of the AppExchange, Marketo, which was acquired by Adobe, and RingLead, which was acquired by ZoomInfo. Most recently, he served as CEO of Paragone, a subsidiary of Perion, and was part of the executive leadership team that was responsible for Perion’s phenomenal turnaround in recent years.

Alfandary said: “I am excited to join xFind and lead the expansion of GPT into enterprise systems, providing support organizations with innovative technological capabilities. Our solution, based on a fusion of advanced AI tools, allows enterprises to leverage the existing information in their organization such as CRM systems, knowledge bases, and customer interactions, and transform it into new accessible knowledge and content for customers and support personnel, just as ChatGPT does for consumers.

“Investment firms including Sarona Ventures, Peregrine Ventures and Besadno, have already invested in xFind,” he continued. “Now that we have completed the crucial development phase of the solution, the company is starting its marketing activities to enter the enterprise software market in the United States in the coming months.”

Customers Love xFind’s Enhanced Productivity and End-user Satisfaction

Yaniv Peeri, VP, Technical Customer Support, Customer Experience at Kaltura, an xFind customer, said: “xFind helps to improve the productivity and satisfaction of our support teams, and in turn improves the quality of our customer care. xFind is a pleasure to work with and we continue to see the positive impact it has on the success of our customer support organization.”

xFind's solution is comprised of three modules:

For customer touchpoints (e.g. chatbots, portals) – xFind enhances portals and chatbots with quick, accurate, self-service answers that delight customers. The GPT-powered interface accepts natural language queries, so the more the end customer writes, the more thorough and accurate the answer is.

For support agents – xFind eliminates frustrating keyword searches and tags, providing the exact right information at the right time, from any data source. It displays accurate answers right inside the organization’s Salesforce instance.  

For support managers – xFind provides the Voice of Customer (VoC) so enterprises can resolve customer concerns before they arise. Its AI analytics detect trends in customer concerns and support cases.

About xFind

xFind is a VC-backed startup that brings organizational knowledge to life with AI technology crafted by a team of top-tier scientists. Our mission is to supercharge every customer interaction with the most applicable knowledge. We utilize advanced AI techniques – among them GPT and NLP – to generate and extract knowledge from organizational sources such as Salesforce, Jira, Confluence and Slack; the solution then delivers answers with the highest confidence via any customer facing system, including CRMs, customer portals and chatbots, while strictly adhering to the enterprise’s security and privacy rules. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv. www.xfind.ai