“Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.” Anton Chekhov

This is exactly what we believe in and is the passion which lies behind our vision. 

xFind Proactive Knowledge Retrieval solution aims to redefine how employees across enterprises access and consume the enterprise information by revolutionizing the concept of “enterprise search”. 

While 68% of data available to businesses goes unleveraged (IDC, 2020), significantly impairing work quality and efficiency, xFind ensures sure that the mountains of data piling up in enterprises actually provide their intended business value. 

xFind is the only knowledge retrieval solution which presents users with relevant information items, based on full contextual real-time analysis of the entire case they work on, rather than simply relying on keyword searches and past clickthrough data. This allows xFind to be the only solution that provides highly reliable results from day-1, across all your knowledge sources.

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